Autism Tissue Program in Transition

The Autism Tissue Program (ATP) is currently undergoing a transition to the Autism Brain Network, called the Autism BrainNet. The program will have its formal launch at the IMFAR, International Meeting for Autism Research (Atlanta, May 14-17). We are still encouraging new registrations on this site that will add you to the messaging system to keep you updated on the new program and provide news about brain research.

Donor families and registrants:

The ATP transition has been communicated by mail to the donor next-of-kin. Started in 1998, the ATP has been in contact with over 200 families who have experienced a death and who chose to make a brain donation. As a legacy program, the communication with donor families will continue with the Network.

Principal Investigators:

Applications for tissue specimens have temporarily been suspended during the transition. The ATP portal will remain active during this transition continuing to update donor case information. Information: please visit www.atpportal.org.

Questions? Email us at info@autismbrainnet.org or call us at 1-877-333-0999.p>