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It is the goal of the Autism Tissue Program (ATP) to create the most biologically relevant tissue resource for autism research, faithfully steward the tissue provided with great trust by our donors, and support the researchers and families that partner with this program.

The ATP is a fully funded science program of Autism Speaks that is committed to promoting high quality brain tissue acquisition, processing, stewardship, thorough supportive clinical data acquisition and distribution for research.  The ATP is not a brain bank, but works directly with the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center in Boston (HBTRC), Massachusetts to serve as its tissue repository.  This program augments brain bank functions by:

  • Creating the most biologically relevant brain tissue repository possible
  • Fully covering all costs associated with brain extraction and transfer to the repositories at Harvard (US and Canada) and Oxford (UK). 
  • Providing scientific oversight of tissue distributions
  • Overseeing and managing all tissue grants
  • Clinically phenotyping and acquiring extensive medical data on all of our donors
  • Providing continuing family support and communication to all of our donors
  • Directly supporting researchers to facilitate autism research
  • Maintaining a robust web based data management  and secure on-line global  interface system
  • Developing and supporting ATP established scientific initiatives
  • Actively providing public outreach and education

If you would like to learn more about the ATP, have additional questions that are not answered by this website or would like to speak with one of our advisors, please email us at info@autismtissueprogram.org or call us directly at    1-877-333-0999.