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A significant aspect of the Autism Tissue Program (ATP) is our commitment to our families.  The ATP is far more than a program that facilitates research in autism, through its efforts to acquire and distribute the rare and greatly needed resource of brain tissue for research.  We are dedication to the families and the individuals that have donated to this program.  This commitment to you and your family, often begins at the time of donation, when, during a tragic moment of losing a family member, the family, either responding to their loved ones wishes or deciding that there was still more that their loved one could teach, makes the decision to donate their brain to our program and autism research. 

Brain tissue donation reflects an individual’s or family’s decision to make the choice to benefit others through their gift.  The stewardship of this gift is a humbling duty that reflects on the dedicated collaboration of the parents, the ATP and our affiliates.  The ATP holds this collaboration, the act of donation and the tissue in utmost regard, pursuing the best scientific minds in the field of neuroscience to help insure our efforts, as well as providing access to approved researchers in hopes that their work will help us understand autism.

We would like all of our families to remain a part of this process. 

The ATP offers a few ways that our families can stay in contact with this program and its efforts, either publicly or privately.  Within this web site you can learn the full breadth of this program, our current endeavors and achievements, the many resultant scientific research articles that were made possible from brain donations, and most importantly sections provided just for our families.  If you are a member of an ATP family and have donated your loved one’s tissue to our program, we encourage you to join our NING ATP Families private, on-line community so that we may, through confidential means,  stay in direct contact with you.  We also offer our Memories of Hope and Testimonials pages for public acknowledgement and testament to your loved one and your donation. 

If you would like to participate in any of these mediums, please email us at info@autismtissueprogram.org or speak with us directly at 1-877-333-0999.

The ATP would like to emphasize that to avoid undue financial burden on families, the ATP assumes any additional costs of tissue recovery associated with the process of donation and its proper transportation to our repository at the Harvard Brain and Tissue Resource (HBTRC).