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Registration and Donation

For the millions of individuals in the world diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, scientific tissue research offers the best hope.  We are confident that brain tissue research will soon enable scientists to unravel the mysteries of autism, but we need your help.  You can make a profound difference to all those who struggle with autism by registering as a brain tissue donor with the ATP.  If you are the parent of a child or children with an autism spectrum disorder, are related to a person with an autism spectrum disorder, have autism yourself or are unaffected, your donation can greatly affect our progress in understanding autism.  We encourage entire families to consider donations of brain tissue for research.

Even if you are not related to anyone with autism, please understand that your registration and donation are also vitally important.  For comparative scientific studies, researchers require brain tissue from both people without autism as well as from people with autism.  Without the donations of those unaffected by autism, scientists will lack a point of reference in their studies of the human brain and this pinnacle field of research will falter.

While in some states and coutries, registration for organ donation makes the process automatic at the time of death (as on your driver's license), this is not the case for brain tissue donation.  Because brain tissue is used for research and not transplantation, it is not included on most organ donation registries. Therefore, by registering with the ATP, you declare your intent to donate brain tissue as well as making your wishes known to your family in a formalized way.  However, registration does not make tissue donation automatic at the time death.  This final choice of donation is made by your next-of-kin, which in legal terms, is defined in this order: spouse, adult children, either parent, adult siblings, or guardian at the time of death.  Should you choose to become an ATP registrant, and wish to donate your brain to the ATP in support of autism research, we encourage you to inform others of your wishes, including your immediate and extended family.  Helping your friends and family learn more about the ATP and its mission will help them understand your unique choice.

Upon becoming a registrant with the ATP, you will receive a card to keep in your wallet that indicates your wishes to be a brain tissue donor and provides important ATP contact information necessary at the time of a donation. The small act of carrying this card with your other personal identification will help insure that your unique choice of becoming a donor is followed upon your passing.

If you would like to learn more about the ATP, have additional questions that are not answered by this website or would like to speak with one of our advisors, please email us at info@autismtissueprogram.org or call us directly at 1-877-333-0999.

If you would like to become an ATP Registrant, showing your intent to donate your brain after death, please register here or call us directly at 1-877-333-0999.

If you would like a formal certificate outlining to your loved ones and health care officials your wishes to be an ATP brain donor upon your passing, please download the attached document, "I Want You to Know".

For further information , see "How the Process Works".

Currently, the Autism Tissue Program only supports tissue donations within the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Our UK affiliate can be contacted directly by calling their hotline at (44) 0-800-089-0707 and visiting thier web site at http://www.brainbankforautism.org.uk/